Digital Signage

Digital signage refers to electronic screens that display a variety of interesting information, advertise products and services and other helpful messages. Digital displays such as LCD, LED, plasma screens, can be found in public and private spaces such as shopping malls and corporate buildings. This type of advertising also known as digital-out-of-home advertising in which content and messages are displayed on a digital display with the common aim of delivering targeted messages to specific locations at specific times.

CroVison system consists of TV screens with integrated TV signal, video sources, current news, weather, plus other localized facilities that are an effective substitute for many traditional TV screens, creating users TV screen into a multifunctional communications from publishing the news, promotional video messaging, etc. We will gladly respond to workplace meeting where you can specify all the possibilities of presenting CroVison system.

Our Digital Signage products are electronic memory- and displayhardware, which were designed for presentation of videos, pictures and/or texts.

The players are able to execute a fast update of contents to bring the (advertising-) message at the right time, to the destined place, to make it available for the intended target group of customers.

Digital Signage strikes a bridge between classical print advertisement to advertisement at POS, directly to the place of the happening.

CroVision Signs provide an innovative way to improve the customer and user experience and strengthen your competitive advantage as well. Ideal for organizations in a wide variety of industries, includiVA-COPY multimedia - Digital Signageng financial services, retail, government, education, healthcare, sports and entertainment, safety and security, and transportation, they can use this digital signage system for:

· Marketing: Promote, upsell, and cross-sell products and services directly to customers shopping in your store
· Customer experience enhancements: Deliver entertaining and informational content to reduce perceived wait times
· Information: Share up-to-date schedules, news, and emergency messaging where people need it most, in addition to providing real-time location and directional guidance
· Advertising: Sell screen time and advertising space to third-party advertisers