Projekti VA-COPY multimediaProjects that are created and funded VA-COPY multimedia affect our business, our relationship with our clients and they encourage partnership and collaboration. We thank our partners, institutions and private companies who recognize the value of our projects.
The elaboration of the projects and we will endeavor to realize the funding from the European program.
Our first project - we are proud to have produced the first Croatian tourist promotional CD-ROM "Welcome to Croatia," 1996/1997. years and who also gave us the opportunity to be the FIRST in the development of touch applications and setting up 15 information kiosks on the Croatian territory (touch screen).
In order to achieve better services to users: carry out research work, we make study opportunities; organized individually or in community with other organizations, forums, seminars, publications, multimedia publications, media presentations, collaborate with other citizens' associations, professional associations.
Our success is the result of a clear business vision, the ability to create and produce quality and competitive projects, and dedicated teamwork of our employees. Quality of service, building reputation, successfully fulfilling the commitments and continually investing in new projects and educating employees and customers as key factors for success, the VA-COPY multimedia as a secure partner to create a better future and common prosperity.