Touch screen

CroMaps info system is a guide based on the technology of the touch screen making it as simple as possible for use with a multilingual interface, the information includes pictures, sound, animation, text, video and use auto RH maps, city maps and county maps. Suitable for tourist boards, great restaurants, shopping malls, etc.

Va-copy multimedia2010th We set up a presentation, "Collection of old postcards" Karlovac Municipal Museum, and creates an interactive window that provides 24 hours of hiking Karlovac spirit of old times on the most modern technology. The interactive showcase is one of the most systems in the field of Digital Signage systems.
2000th The occasion of the 95th anniversary of the Karlovac Municipal Museum and the discovery of photography 160 years, we apply the CD-ROM "from the old album on the touch screen information kiosk, which becomes part of an interactive exhibition.

Back in 1997 concept, we designed and created interactive presentations and Croatia set FIRST informational kiosks (touch screen), commissioned by the Croatian National Tourist Board (15 pieces)

which are installed on the following locations:
ZAGREB - Airport Pleso, Railway
PULA - Airport Pula
RIJEKA - Jadrolinija (Agencija), Railway station
KRK - Airport Rijeka
ZADAR - Tourist union "Liburnija"
SPLIT - Airport Split, Jadrolinija (agency), Railway station
BRAC - Airport Brac
DUBROVNIK - Airport Dubrovnik
OSIJEK - Railway station