City light

Application of our maps it is the info panels - the info panels can be placed and located and tourism businesses, and thus show location of each subject with contact information. Production info panels belong to the "brown signs" - signs and billboards with the inscriptions of cultural and historical sights, is an internationally recognized method of keeping the tourists through an area.

The advertising areas in classic City Light format cannot be overlooked. Since these are classic 4/1 CLPs only low production costs are incurred if you use your advertising motifs in City Light Posters at other locations. Reach the business traveller and the numerous visitors and those picking up passengers with networks, guaranteeing you comprehensive coverage.

VA-COPY multimedia -    indoor

· Network assignment possible
· Popular CLP format
· High passenger contact

There are different regulations and rules about posting in every city. However, there are ways to make sure you can display your ad to bring in your customers. Movie and concert posters displayed in every major city use the same methods we use to make sure the word gets out.

All outdoor lighting fixtures shall be shielded, to minimize up-light. Building mounted incandescent type fixtures shall be shielded or activated by motion sensor.

Outdoor floodlighting shall be shielded in such a manner that the lighting system will not produce light trespass. All light fixtures, shall be located, aimed and or shielded so as no direct light trespasses beyond the property line on which the light is mounted. City lighting is limited to a higher trespass of 0.5 footcandle at 3 meters beyond the property line, but the direct light must be aimed at the designated design area.Plan grada CroMaps

Specification of business info boards "CroMaps"

Display is made of metal structures are resistant to weather
Gate to change the graphics are clear of polycarbonate otvrdnutog resistant to damage, UV radiation and weather.
Light elements of the SMD LEDs on the bar, consumption 18W.
Display is connected or 220V power network, or the full solar batteries.
Materials in the inner part of PVC and PMMA (Plexiglas).
Everything is closed to external influences than due to an extremely violent impact (breaking tools or exceptional cases).