Users of our services and programs, companies and institutions with different profiles and sizes, we are proud to present you some of our customers, which is a sufficient indicator of the quality and continuity of our services:

Code Diplomatique & Consulaire -
CroMaps zdravstveni vodič -
CroMaps navigator - CMS -
Turistička zajednica Krapinsko zagorske županije - CMS -
Hotel Dvorac Bežanec -
Srecko Brkic, - ekološka inovacija -
Birotehnik - CMS -
Bovi Mark - CMS -
DiS Racunala - web shop -
Hot Club Zagreb - CMS -
Villa Ana -
Glazbena škola Zlatko Balokovic - CMS -
Pogrebnik Mima -
Keraprojekt -
Crowebshop - webshop -

CD ROM Presentations
Hotel Dvorac Bežanec, Valentinovo
MID, Beograd
Društvo Gombateljice, Zagreb
MIV, Zagreb
Furnir, Zagreb
Euroinspekt - drvokontrola, Zagreb
Gradski muzej Karlovac

Gradski muzej Karlovac

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