Managing director

Direktor VA-COPY multimedia

It is our pleasure that in next business cycle  we can present also a new project in our appearance on Internet "Cromaps navigator" is not only a new contribution in information services in business and tourist offer but  in promoting a natural and cultural heritage in Croatia.

CroMaps navigator portal for the first time on one place in Croatia gives city maps with all streets and simple search in more criteria. Our user have many information: tourists and accommodation facilities, restaurants, rent-a-cars, information about companies and business subjects, news from our social life. On-line maps navigation is a portal advantage. In the most modern version represents Croatian cities and places but with very well chosen characteristics and gives a possibility to search regions, cities and city neighborhood. It is not only simple to use it but to update new information. This portal when it comes to technology with its flexibility can stand all incoming novelty.

Dear colleagues, friends, business partners and all users CroMaps portal, this year we launched a new project CroMaps health guide, which will endeavor to provide relevant information in the areas of health, health services with the help of cartography. With your help, I am confident that we will succeed. CroMaps health guide is open to various expert thinking primarily in order to improve awareness of health services. Due to the constantly rising cost of health services in recent years as preventive measures and improvement of health and the responsibility of each individual for his health increasingly important. Health guide to clear information to contribute to society meaningfully and effectively used by medical and psychological services and targeted preventive approach offers citizenship.

In this way we are happy to be able to share our joy because of many new exciting projects where we will again prove our effects. Thanks to extreme movements in our organization form, equipment and people VA-COPY multimedia is today capable to handle the most expansive projects of web informatiozation of all companies.

On Croatian market VA-Copy multimedia has set up itself as a Internet service provider with complete solution, inforamatization for small and big companies with own application products and as publisher. We are proud on Croatian tourists promotion CD ROM – Dobrodošli u Hrvatsku (Welcome to Croatia) in 1196/1997 which gave us a chance to set up 15 information kiosks in Croatia (touch screen).

On international market you can find all our products and services. Our big reference is that we are since 2000 webmasters for Service d'Information Code Diplomatique & Consulaire with its head office in Zurich.
By developing a product GPS navigation and cartography we expect appreciable break on international market of software application. All those years we have prove ourselves as a relevant partners in accomplishing any projects in publishing industry in all shapes of electronic medias. Our main goal is too fulfill expectations of our clients and partners and to establish long term business and good relationship.

Branka Poljak
Director VA-COPY multimedia