Traditional text is used for content messages. Although text is a good way of transmission of information , mostly is way to slow in spreading messages . If you have, three seconds to attract someone's attention while he/she is walking by your computer, you cannot do that with text. But importance of good and content texts in your presentation cannot be decreased. It is important that text font is readable, with visually underlined title and headlines.

Graphics can always transmit messages. Compare written number table value with graph representation of those values. Trend is seeable from the graphic representation. The picture can have value of thousand words, if you use it in a right way in transmission of your message. Signs, pictures, maps, sketch and technical drawings can help your presentation to attract user's attention.

You can write pages, which explains your product, and you can use an artistic gloss. Anyway nothing can describe product, better than photo in color. Photo will use, as a background text and graphics, which will help your visual presentation.

Performance of multimedia presentations on computer gives possible interactions. It enables user to go through presentation by picked way, as much as he needs in order to accept information. The user can move from one title to another, escaping less interesting fields. That is a confident way to keep a potential buyer on the stand (fair) or on sales places (department store, supermarket). Catalogs are perfect examples for using interactions. By using text and picture to show a product, user can go through catalogue part after part. Emphasize them possibility of ordering product (or some service), by offering him completed application. With the quality increase and touch screen price decrease, interactions can become accessible on fairs sales places (shopping centers, airports, hotels, museums, congress centers, etc).

Animation doesn't have to content, complexes 3D graphics in order to be effective in multimedia presentations. Simply animations bring fun to electronic booklets and they attract user's attention on fairs or on sales places (supermarkets, department stores, agencies). The most complicated animation can be used as demonstration and instruction. By using animations you can show manufacturing process of your product, which cannot be shown by static picture.

In terms of past video was a definition for animation. Video can be used in any part of multimedia, showing your products and services, alive, but on the high price. Draft, actors, stenography, shooting, editing, production, coping can be completed relatively quickly. Five minutes of video film can cost you noticeable much, than video note observation that will be used in multimedia presentation. Vide note observation together with sound is always the most interesting part of presentation and on an equal way represents offered information (products, services…).

There is no doubt that sound is the best way to attract someone's attention. Simple sound affects can be simply used in different aspects of your electronic booklet. For complexes presentation speakerr and musical background, can make presentation amusing.